Endress Capital Management

Endress Capital Management is a fee-only financial advisory firm. We work with clients to provide intensive financial planning. From day-to-day financial issues to long-term goals such as retirement, our clients can rely on us to be responsive to any of their financial questions.

Specifically, we help individuals, businesses, churches and non-profits use investment strategy to achieve their goals. To accomplish this, we use a four step process:

Initial Meeting:

Meet with the prospective client and get to know their needs, goals, risk tolerances and personalities.

Draft a Plan:

Using this information, we compose a financial plan, including a target asset allocation for the client.

Review and Edit the Plan:

We present our proposed plan to the client. We explain why we have made our recommendations and listen for input from the client to create adjustments. This process continues until we have a plan that addresses our client’s unique situation.

Implement and Maintain the Plan:

We implement the agreed upon plan. We monitor the plan to ensure we are maintaining it in accordance with the client’s needs. We keep an open dialogue with the client; as the client’s situation changes, we recommend appropriate changes to the plan.