Fees for Ongoing Investment Management And Planning

General Fee Table
First $250,000 1.00% per annum
Next $250,000 .9% per annum
Next $500,000 .8% per annum
Next $1,000,000 .7% per annum
Amounts over $2,000,000 Full Amount Negotiable

Fees For One-Time Projects Or Services

Fees for one-time projects or services are charged either on an hourly or flat fee basis. Each project or service is different; therefore, each contract is drafted depending on the client’s wishes. Though each contract is negotiable, we general base rate is $150 hourly. Thus, if we feel a project will take two hours and the client wishes to be be billed a flat fee, we generally charge a $300 flat fee. We also may lower our rate for more time-intensive projects. Please contact us if you have a special project. Please contact us for a no-pressure, no obligation estimate.