Clark Howard recommends a fee-only financial advisor.


Clark Howard is a consumer advocate and expert. He is a great resource for consumers; I recommend checking his website out. I especially admire Clark’s ability to save money in everyday situations. For example, I have seen Clark convert a pool noodle into a 33 cent lumbar support device. I have also heard him talk about getting a good pair of shoes for $19 and a decent, reliable car for under $5,000.

In addition to giving money-saving tips, Clark discuss other subjects. In my opinion, he is spot-on when he talks about investments and insurance.

He recommends fee-only advisors for a variety of reasons. He believes, like I do, that “free” advice is likely to be the most expensive advice you ever receive. Additionally, he writes about the different legal standard of investment advisors compared to stockbrokers. Overall, I think it’s a well-written piece and definitely something you aren’t likely to hear from a commission-based advisor.

See Clark Howard’s full on fee-onlys at the following link:


Along the same vein, Clark has a very refreshing take on insurance. The full article can be accessed here but I have included two of the most important points from that article below.

“If you know you have a need for insurance to provide for dependents, I want you keep it simple:Buy level term insurance.”-Clark Howard


Most agents don’t want to write level term policies because there’s no money in it. You may have to buy on the Internet or from direct writers that don’t use commissioned salespeople. But buy it you should do in order to protect your loved ones.”-Clark Howard


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