What are you paying in investment fees?

Check Your Fees

Check Your Fees

One Forbes article estimates investing in mutual funds detracts from investors’ returns by up to 4.17% a year. Over 30 years, US News estimates these expenses could cost you  hundreds of thousands of dollars by retirement. Yet, the mutual fund company doesn’t itemize these charges and send you a bill. Instead, the fees are automatically taken out of the value of your investments.

So, how is the average person supposed to figure out what they are paying to the mutual fund company?

We are here to help. We believe every investor has a fundamental right to know what he or she is paying in mutual fund expenses. We have launched a campaign to help you understand how much you are being charged in your mutual funds. Simply contact us to set up an appointment. We will generate a customized analysis of how much mutual fund fees are costing you.

So, get empowered. Get educated. Get out of the dark on what you pay the mutual fund company. Contact us today and encourage other investors to do the same.