The Most Financially Solid Organizations
Invest In More Than Just The Market


Inspiring A Culture Of Generosity

Does your church or non-profit have a clear financial policy that supports your mission? Endress Capital Management can help you build and maintain the policies, procedures and culture necessary to build that mission. We have taken the unique step of bundling investment advisory services with church / non-profit consulting services. So, we help your organization invest in more than just stocks, bonds and other securities; we help you invest in your congregations and community.

Rev. Michael Erwin acts as our generosity consultant, working side-by-side with your organization’s leaders and councils to inspire generosity. Michael has the expertise to improve your bottom line and do more good.

Michael Erwin’s Church & Non-Profit Consulting Qualifications

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Our Investing Advantage

In addition, Endress Capital Management serves your investment needs with expertise, honesty and passion. One hallmark of our firm: we act as a fiduciary on your and every client’s behalf. Simply put, acting as a fiduciary means we will always act in your best interest. We are fully dedicated to this promise; in fact, we sign this written fiduciary pledge and include it in every contract we sign.


Our Investing Process

We will engage you in straightforward, yet thorough conversations about your organization’s goals and risk tolerance. These discovery conversations produce real insight, insight that guides the drafting or revision of your Investment Policy Statement. With a solid Investment Policy Statement in place, our efforts transition to building and managing the investment fund. We keep in regular contact with your board or council regarding this fund. In our experience, regular contact with organization leaders helps them involve and engage the rest of the organization.

As far as our investment approach, every organization is different and necessitates a different investment allocation. The discovery conversations we hold with you focus on formulating an allocation that provides sufficient opportunity for growth while keeping risk to an acceptable level. However, we do have recommendations that apply to every organization; we always recommend a low-expense,  disciplined and diversified investment approach.

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We are excited to be able to bundle both services and maintain a very competitive fee schedule. The maximum fee we charge is 1% of the assets we manage on an annual basis, through our fee is lower for larger accounts. You can find our fee table here.

We are excited to offer this unique and needed service. A combination of disciplined, regular investments and a passionate stewardship program form a natural synthesis. By taking advantage of both strategies, you can make a more powerful impact in your mission than by following either alone. Contact Michael Erwin or Michael Endress for more details or to schedule a consultation.