Michael Endress

Northwestern Mutual Buys LearnVest

Recently, Northwestern Mutual purchased LearnVest, a fee-only roboadvisor. A roboadvisor is an online-based program that helps individuals allocate their investments. This acquisition has raised several eyebrows in the investment community, since Northwestern Mutual and LearnVest have seemingly very different cultures…. Continue Reading →

Why Your Morning Coffee may be Killing your Budget

Many people rely on something to get them going in the morning, whether it’s hitting the snooze button, a hot shower, or…coffee. On those rushed mornings, you don’t have much of a choice…right? Before we answer that, let’s consider the… Continue Reading →

Clark Howard’s Thoughts on Financial Advisors

Clark Howard recommends a fee-only financial advisor.   Clark Howard is a consumer advocate and expert. He is a great resource for consumers; I recommend checking his website out. I especially admire Clark’s ability to save money in everyday situations. For example,… Continue Reading →

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